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About Us

We work with Owners, Boards and Leadership Teams providing them with independent Chief Integrity Officer support, critical thinking and insight, together with facilitation, negotiation and project management for strategy, transactions (including value drivers, PE engagement, shape up, pre-deal readiness, transition and post merger integration), collaborations, boardroom dynamics and governance, stakeholder engagement and multi-generational issues.

We facilitate boardroom behaviours and example setting – as an antidote to the contagion of self-interest, to be light bearers to their organisations, colleagues and marketplace and future hires.  We call this ‘Beautiful Leadership‘.

We provide personalised Business Integrity, Collaborative Behaviours, Anti-Bribery and Corruption and Ethics and Corporate Governance Practical Support and General Counsel Impact. We facilitate and deliver Hot-wash, Project Kick-Off, Workshop Sessions, Corporate Days and Negotiations.

The Floodlight Business Initiative also supports Educators and Influencers raising up future workers and apprentice leaders and Boards with their important work of illuminating and embedding business integrity alongside career progression and marketplace success.  We offer a ‘Business is Personal’ perspective.

Questions Like “Could I get away with it?’ “Was it worth it?”, “What would my professional eulogy say?”, “Do corporate scandals do lasting damage?”, “How do I navigate the risks?” and “Ethical companies cannot be competitive or be agile” are posed in interactive, personal, thought provoking way.

We are firm believers in the benefits collaboration bring, particularly for long-term or large scale projects; but they can be perilous if there is a lack of unity of purpose or opposing self or corporate interest meaning the partners lack alignment.  We work with clients on these issues, including providing support for ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationship Management and support the senior execs as their neutral collaborative conscience.  Our founder is actively involve with the Institute for Collaborative Working and Cambridge charity, Faith in Business.

What we can do for you

In the Boardroom

Leading from the front can be a lonely place. Decision-making, managing bribery and corruption risks, collaboration, managing behaviours, conflicts and navigating stakeholder interests are not easy tasks.  Nor is speaking truth to power. We provide discreet, independent and unbiased support and facilitation to Owners, CEO’s, their Boardrooms and Management Teams.   Our GC Impact Programme empowers General Counsel and Company Secretary Teams. Leadership can be Beautiful!

In Class

Delivering a programme of tailored and thought-provoking, empowering workshops, talks and facilitation sessions for Sixth Form, High School Seniors and College Students (vocational and apprentices). Knowing where they stand on topics like personal impact, ethics, bribery, corruption, governance, modern slavery, fraud and human rights, matters.  Business is Personal after all.

In the Workplace

Workers face choices and dilemmas in their day to day.  Regrettable decisions and unintended consequences can result for the worker, their home life and their employer. They can be avoided. Our Business Interity Workshops and Compliance Discussions focus on why Anti-Bribery, Corruption, Ethics and Business Integrity practices is vital.  We also support leadership teams with building capacity.  No future leader should be an Accidental Leader.

In Collaboration

Large programme and public sector projects insist on or just need collaboration.  We bring insight to professional collaboration (unlike co-operation), alliancing and consortium, including collaborative consience, facilitation, learning from experience, behaviours, governance, bid support, engagement and negotiation and the build and implementation of relationship management plans and ISO 44001 Collaborative Standard. How you show up in a  collaboration is marketplace memory of your brand (and yourself) for the future.

In College

College and University Students at the beginning of their career and work-life, full of potential worth protecting.  We support Universitities, Law, Business, Engineering and Management Schools, as well as Professional Institutes with Guest Lectures and Practitioner Insights drawing on our experience (good and bad).  These are designed to engage and provoke a personal commitment to what we call ‘Beautiful Leadership’ and a ‘Business is Personal’ approach from professionals. Values, behaviour and attitude equates to employability.

In the Deal

Being known for having integrity and transparency in deals, transactions and collaborations is a powerful statement and force for good.  We work on deals and commercial transactions, with both parties in mind, encouraging and facilitating a commercial win-win, with business integrity as the cornerstone. We have over 25 years of M&A supporting leadership teams, owners, and their advisors, on UK and cross-border deals.  Our motto ‘we stand in the gap’.

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Placing integrity at the heart of who you are and how your organisation behaves is not only noble, it is necessary. Thank you for being on this journey with us.

We are here to help you be successful.

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