Floodlight Business

After over 20 years working with Boards and their Management Teams on corporate transactions, international growth and development and strategy and with a background and training as a corporate commercial lawyer and notary, Floodlight Business founder Dawn Stallwood recognised that this area was not only a developing one, but one of incredible importance.

She found she had a lot to say on the topic, to help others.

Dawn set up the Floodlight Business Initiative to work with corporates and educators alike, along with their respective stakeholders, to deliver the choice of integrity in action as a solution to ethical risk and to promote sustainable success and workplace health.

Using examples of the best and worst of behaviours and practical insight and support, Dawn’s knowledge and encouraging style engages her audience.  Her passion for helping people and their organisations be the best version of themselves is self-evident.

enabling success, through integrity.

10Good Reasons

  1. Business is deeply personal.
  2. Integrity creates sustainable success and better outcomes, for all stakeholders.
  3. Marketplace memory does exist.
  4. Owning your own personal brand of integrity is vital.
  5. The right attitude harnessed is powerful.
  6. Culture is contagious.  Leaders are torch bearers.
  7. Employability begins and ends with integrity.
  8. Bring your best self to each task, interaction or decision.
  9. We can each be a corporate conscience.
  10. Well-being and peace of mind depends on integrity.

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We are always happy to have a general discussion.  What motivates us is authentic, transparent communication, grounded on the principle of wanting the best for the organisation and individuals we work with and support.