All leaders have the uneviable burden (and privilege) of responsibility, setting the vision and mission, culture, values and strategic priorities for the business and all its stakeholders, both internal and external. Board members and management teams need to prioritise integrity (their own first and foremost) and work in unison, without concern for self interest or bias to deliver sustainable success for the organisations they lead or manage. It speaks of integrity, setting the tone for the rest of the organisation. We work discreetly with boards and management on integrity in action, how to be best practice (and why that may be difficult) and what that means. There is nothing more vital to an organisations sustainable success than authentic, ethical leadership, whether in times of economic stability and growth, or downturn.

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Business Integrity Facilitation

It is hard to remain close enough to the day to day to fully appreciate what goes on, particularly at the sharp end.  Our facilitation service puts us in the middle as an independent translator – to help leaders gain insight from colleagues and teams as to opportunities for ethical risk, what it would take for the risk to be taken and why.  From this, working with relevant internal stakeholders, we help to spot the gaps and devise what remedial action and follow up action should be implemented and how to embed it.  Prevention is better than cure.

Boardroom Health

A healthy, transparent board or management team will deliver results, ethically.  Whether this is board members amongst themselves or issues as and between owner/founders/families and their employed leadership or investors with their management team, these should be tackled. We consistently see issues in the boardroom leak into the organisation, impacting culture and driving unwanted behaviours or focus.  The most important team in an organisation is its board, yet we see instances of boardroom fracture and poor relations, with little governance to drive consistent collaborative behaviours.  We will partner you and your team, with discretion and independence assured, to meet those issues head on, engage and work through them thoughtfully.

Decision Resources

We work to equip Boards, their Chair and NED’s and committees with best practice in governance, decision making and accountability, set in the light of the mindset of their own organisation, sector and marketplace position (PLC, Ltd, Charity, Governmental / NGO).  These Resources are helpful tools enabling debate, engagement with stakeholders and robust decisions to be made with full integrity.  It should never be just about tick-box compliance or governance for the sake of it.

Commitment to the basics - ABC

It may seem obvious, but we prioritise anti-corruption, bribery, trading risk, governance and integrity training with Boards (Chair, Executive and NED) and management teams.  Top-Down must mean just that.  If such an important topic is just given lip-service by those who others look to follow and be inspired by, the result is obvious; more of the same.  Actions always speak louder than words. It should be ‘As simple as ABC’!

Chief Integrity Officer Support

The role of CiO is an important skill-set and insight for a progressive Board or leadership team.  We provide this role on an independent consultancy basis, linked to projects, deals or time periods.  Our Clients have called this service their Corporate Conscience.  The important ingredient is that the organisational leadership and owners buy into the scope of influence for the CiO and that we are fearless in our delivery; otherwise it is a role without purpose or impact.

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