The future will rest in their hands, regardless of role or position. Each has an active part to play. We are committed to working with, provoking and equipping students and young professionals for their professional, business or vocational journey. We help them invest in their own integrity and decide that it is worthy of their focus. Its never too soon for them to make room for integrity and decide what they stand for. As future leaders and influencers, their choices, attitude and behaviours determine futures.  Authentic integrity is an employable quality.  Our approach is to provoke, enlighten, equip and encourage debate and self-determination through our various programmes. Facilitators are DBS checked.

bring your best. futures depend on it.

Support in action

Integrity Workshops

Particularly for high school seniors and A-level students, we run interactive, provoking and practical workshops.  Topics include: ‘Your Deeds are Your Monuments’, ‘What would your retirement speech sound like?’,  ‘Do you want a professional legacy?’, ‘Roll-Forward – was it all worth it?’, ‘Be the change’ and ‘Employability and Integrity’.  All workshops and focus are tailored to the school or college and their values and communication priorities.

Impact Programme

We can work with Universities, Further Education Providers, Colleges and Professional Bodies delivering remote/virtual or in person lectures, workshops and breakout sessions, panels, practical insights and seminars on commercial negotiation, international business, deal-room and transaction tactics, joint ventures, consortia and routes to market, the personal nature of business and ethical activity, the bribery and corruption – the law, the cost, the solution, modern slavery, governance and professional codes of conduct, employability and legacy.

This is personal

Working with students and young professionals, we highlight the cost and consequences including health, mental and emotional well-being. We then engage where the exposure or motivation could come from (and why) and how they can protect themselves throughout their professional, business or vocational life.  For young professionals, we look at authenticity in client care, including through our F.E.E.S training module as well as self-care in transaction and commercial projects.  Personal Integrity is always a valid choice.

Unlocking Integrity

We work with organisations and corporates on their Graduate and Apprenticeship Schemes, Induction Programmes and Core Value Sessions to prioritise integrity as a employment value and non-negotiable. Organisations who prioritise integrity and ethics, have less stress related incidences, employee fraud and staff turnover. A culture underpinned with integrity helps new joiners (of whatever age or route into their employer) operate with security, peace of mind, clarity and wholeness, promoting sustainable results and driving the right attitude, behaviours and ethos.

Be the change…

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We are always happy to have a general discussion.  What motivates us is authentic, transparent communication, grounded on the principle of wanting the best for the organisation and individuals we work with and support.