Workplace Integrity

It is all to easy to turn a blind eye, remain silent.  Sometimes, knowing what the right choice or action is and how to go about it, whether and how to speak up can be confused by role, risk, reward or task and sometimes, the priorities set by their management or organisation or their approachability.  Employers can unwittingly encourage the wrong behaviours for perfectly rational reasons.  Most people who find themselves on the wrong side of a scandal, corporate fraud, bribery or corruption probe consider themselves fundamentally honest. However where opportunity (gaps), motivation (the individual’s why) and justification (rationalising self interest) are present, then along comes ethical risk too.

At Floodlight Business, we know it is not easy to navigate being your own corporate conscience, yet it is vital to your own personal well-being as well as your employment and your employers success.  We help employees unpick the legalities and internal policies as applied to their role, location and activity.  We deliver client support, training, workshops and facilitation sessions in a way to ensure the personal risk of self interest versus integrity is well understood.  When we embark on these projects, we expect our employer clients to be fully onboard, providing support to their teams enabling and rewarding them to make the right choice, on a recurring basis.  If there is an inconsistent message, no-one gains from the effort or investment in these initiatives.

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Support in action

Integrity Workshops

Delivering insightful, lively and practical sessions and debate on all matters of integrity and ethical risk in the workplace.  Resources and content are tailored to make each session personal to the individual, their roles and their organisations.  Illuminating the corporate mindset is a fundamental.  We spend time with management and leadership teams to understand the concerns and internal dynamics, risk areas and market or geographic vulnerability.  Code of Conduct training can be ‘dry’.  Our sessions look to achieve a personal connection, through personal insight, storytelling and engagement.

Bribery and Corruption Awareness Training and Resources

Bribery and corruption remain significant ethical risks to corporates.  Pursuing self-interest comes with cost and consequence. We provide an interactive approach to understanding the legal framework alongside an appreciation as to what motivates people towards those behaviours which result in bribery and corruption, accounting scandals and fraud. Put simply, our job is to give resonance and reason to the law, your internal codes of conduct and market statements on bribery and corruption.  We make it personal.

Equipping for Integrity

Identifying ethical dilemmas and understanding the legal, governance and compliance framework is one part of the equation of integrity; the other is knowing how to respond.

We encourage individuals and teams to go beyond compliance training and to get their employees resourced and ready for such situations. We cover when to respond, to whom and how and what it means for me personally to do so. This exercise can also inform corporates of gaps in process, lack of internal controls and visibility, reporting and accountability concerns and where their commercial priorities encourage unintended behaviours and outcomes.  We help teams understand each other’s role; particularly relevant for in-house legal and governance teams engagement into their clients (the business).

Growing pains

Doing business internationally requires a need for enhanced focus, as does engagement with Public Sector and Government procurement exercises. We heighten and personalise the awareness of those involved with market growth, business development and bids, supply chain, consortia and partner relations.  The employee is often the lone trail blazer in an unfamiliar business environment, country or culture, at the sharp end of risk where the business stakes are high and the expectations of success are set.  That risk and pressure is personal, can create blind-spots and a tendency for shortcuts and commercial consequences.  Our job is to prepare and protect.

Unfamiliar Teams - J.I.G.S.A.W

Transactions (M&A), deals, bids and tenders, multi-party consortia or JV’s or international growth projects (new office, new partners) all throw the organisation and sponsoring employees into the unknown.  New people, new dynamics, different culture, each bringing their own capabilities, experience and expertise to serve the greater good. Blending that into a successful unit is not an easy task.  We see brilliant opportunities wane because team difficulties, poorly defined shared objectives and challenges can be wearing.  Knowing your place in the team, your shape and how you fit to deliver the big picture are snippets from Floodlight Business J.I.G.S.A.W approach to team-working, as well as knowing what’s missing or damaged.  Supporting and respecting your fellow team members is extremely rewarding; knowing you can be real and vulnerable, have open communication and problem solve concerns without repercussion is liberating.   Even when a deal or bid fails, leaving well and without regret is important for the personal integrity and energy levels of those involved. Our experience in the good and the less and how to document and cement team-work provides insight and support, early on.

Resource Influence

Busy teams including their leadership have enough on their plates than to produce integrity and governance articles, workshop materials, interviews, short influences, code of conduct, PQQ or ITN/ITT responses on Collaboration, CSR, ABC, Modern slavery, Social Value. We provide this support externally, weaving in client values and strategic priorities to ensure rich and thought-provoking content. Our focus is the practical application of ethics and business integrity into the clients sphere of influence – internally in the workplace and into their wider stakeholder groups, including customers and key suppliers. We often find an article or piece for a newsletter provides a springboard for discussion and opportunity for team leaders to engage with their colleagues on topics of importance, and for leadership to understand through feedback, areas for improvement or inspiration.  Customers and key suppliers are heavily influenced by these integrity topics in making their decisions around procurement and partnering.   Your reputation and ethos directly impacts them too.

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